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Did you know.


of people report experience of uncivil behavior at work

Harvard Business Review


of people say stress interferes with their ability to get work done.

Anxiety & Depression
Association of America


of employees feel overworked.

Microsoft Work Trend Index 2021


of people look for companies,
which invest in their personal

Gallup’ future of work report 2021


of employees say they are not
engaged in the workplace.

Gallup’ s aanual engagment report 2022


Increased Burnout Rates

Recognized as an occupational phenomenon resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed.

Harvard Business Review

More Mental Health Issues

We can observe significant uptick in diagnoses of anxiety and depression among the workforce.

The American Psychological Association

More Sick Days Taken

This trend serves as a quantifiable indicator of the adverse impacts of workplace stress on employee health.

Gusto survey on Sick days taken

We are here for the fires..

Anfullfilled Ambition

Imagine if you and you team knew how to:

Handle difficult people-
without becoming one
Handle work life balance-
without disengaging.
Control the blaze-
when others' blaze race
Give and get the respect-
you want, need & deserve
Learn to deal with stress-
before a point of no return.

We are the Personal and Career
Development Agency for you.

We help brands and people tame fires at work,
so they can focus on thriving more.

We are a Personal and Career Development Agency.

We help brands and people tame fires
so they can thrive more.


1:1 Coaching
Illustration of a coaching session featuring two individuals seated at a table, a coach and a client, engaging in a productive dialogue, epitomizing personal and career development in the tech industry.
Work-Life Balance
Confidence Growth
Stress Management
Career Development
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I'll help you solve complex business problems through simple, user-friendly design. Leverage the power of design research to grow.

Group Coaching
Illustration of people collaboratively climbing a pile of colorful debris symbolizing daily workplace challenges, showcasing teamwork and mutual support in overcoming obstacles in the tech sector.
Relationship Building
Conflict Resolution
Interpersonal Awareness
Career Development
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I'll design websites that inspire users to engage with your product and take action, through conversion research and strategy.

Illustration of a 25-year-old woman with long brown hair leading a workshop in front of a class of attentive students, embodying empowerment and knowledge-sharing in the tech industry.
Work-Life Balance
Stress Management
Relationship Building
Conflict Resolution
Interpersonal Awareness
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I'll craft stunning user experiences and interfaces that reduce the time to value and help your customers get their jobs done.

12 week Programs
Infographic of a circle symbolizing the 12-week masterclass stages with a sunrise representing curiosity awakening and mountains depicting challenges, ideal for tech professionals' and brands' growth journey.
New Hire Jumpstart
Business Orientation
Corporate Immersion
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I'll craft stunning user experiences and interfaces that reduce the time to value and help your customers get their jobs done.

Solutions built for you, tech professionals.

You are a tech company or working in tech, our agency is the perfect fit for you.
Our clients predominantly join us from the following backgrounds:

Software Developer
Data Scientist
Technical Seller
Cybersecurity Analyst
IT Consultant
Cloud Architekt

Hear from our amazing customers:

Don’t just take our word for it

Hear from some of our amazing customers who are better then ever.

"I really enjoyed working with Marvin as my professional coach. His empathy as well as his excellent communication and listening skills has made my coaching very insightful and created a great personal value [...]."

Antje Buchholz
Sales Team Lead, Microsoft Coaching Client,
Microsoft Initiative

" [...] Marvin's ability to make me feel comfortable and get the most out of me through powerful questions is amazing and for me was really eye-opening. For me, Marvin is definitely the ultimate mentor and if you really want to make a big change in your life."

Hameed Yusuf
Software Engineer,
Coaching Client,
Self Employed

"Marvin is by far one of the most inspiring people I have ever had the chance to talk to. He is very competent in coaching and knows exactly how to drive positive change in someone’s career perspectives."

Bruno Costa
Software Developer,
Runway 36 Coaching Client

"During our coaching sessions he asked a lot of questions to deeply understand my area of development. Marvin challenged me with actions that really helped me to develop and I learnt a lot from him. Even if we could only talk over teams I felt really connected to him and am very grateful that I had the opportunity to get coached and mentored by him. "

Petra Fonticelli
Sales Team Lead, Microsoft Coaching Client,
Company Initiative

"In just a couple of sessions he helped me find my career path, what to look for and how to seize every wonderful moment in my career. He thought me not to rush into things, to take a step back and appreciate what I have accomplished and taking a moment of appreciation. [...]"

Janis Kitenbergs
Software Engineer, Swedbank Coaching Client

Our services are crafted for you
by experienced professionals.

Marvin Gruensfelder
Chief Executive Officer,

Worldwide Coaching Lead, Microsoft
Chief Motivation Officer,

Mascot, NuTechLead

Give your team a break.
Your agency for personal
and career development.

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What types of coaching services do you offer?

We offer diverse coaching services including personalized one-on-one sessions, collaborative group coaching, and 12 week cohort coaching programs, all designed to cater to different professional development needs.

Can you describe the structure and content of your workshops and masterclasses?

Our workshops and masterclasses are structured as interactive sessions spanning from a few hours to several days, covering topics like leadership development, effective communication, and innovative collaboration. They combine theoretical insights with practical exercises. Visit our services section for more details.

Who are the coaches and instructors leading these programs?

Our coaches and instructors are seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the tech industry. They possess a combination of academic credentials and real-world expertise to provide relevant and impactful guidance.

How are your programs tailored for professionals in the tech industry?

Our programs are specifically designed for tech professionals, focusing on the unique challenges and opportunities in this sector. We incorporate the latest tech trends, industry-specific case studies, and tech-focused personal development techniques.

What are the expected outcomes or benefits of participating in your programs?

Participants can expect enhanced professional skills, improved leadership and communication abilities, greater self-awareness, and practical strategies for career advancement in the tech industry.

How do you measure the success and impact of your coaching and training?

Success is measured through participant feedback, self-assessment tools, and performance metrics. Post-program follow-ups help assess long-term impact and ongoing development.

What are the costs of the various programs and are there payment plans or discounts available?

Program costs vary, with detailed pricing available upon request.
We offer group rates, and flexible payment plans to accommodate different budgets.
1:1 coaching services are generally contracted on the basis of number of participants and recurring sessions and is highly personalized solution.
A full day workshop including onsite delivery to 6-18 individuals ranges between
5.000€-2.000€ depending on the requested services.

Can you provide testimonials or case studies from previous clients?

Absolutely! We have a range of testimonials and case studies showcasing the positive changes our clients have experienced, which are available on our website and in our "work" section.

How do you handle scheduling, cancellations, or rescheduling for busy professionals?

We offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate professional commitments. Cancellations can be made up to a set period before the session, and we offer convenient rescheduling options in most cases. In general, our coporate client agreements give clarity on the scenarios.